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Bulls is the Sea

This is a modality that takes place in a square open to the sea located in the port or beach of the town where it is held. There, the bull tries to chase the fans, who avoid his attacks by jumping into the sea and provoking the animal until it also falls into the water.

The cruelty of this type of celebration becomes evident in the already unnatural scene of a bull in the sea. Like most mammals, bulls float and can swim by instinct, but they are not prepared for it or accustomed to water. The anguish is increased by the inability to see around them, as the salt water irritates their eyes and they can only struggle and try to stay afloat. Using ropes tied to their horns, they are towed to the port from boats so that they continue giving a show.

Toro a la mar en Dénia


In addition to the damages that the bulls can suffer during transport in any celebration, and the harassment they receive in the bullring, the bulls at sea experience extreme agony when they find themselves in an environment that does not correspond to them.

Completely disoriented, they kick and shake their heads in the water, looking for a foothold so as not to drown. The animals are returned to their farms at the end of the show and are used over and over again in dozens of towns during the season. They are bulls and cows for rent, which are sent to the slaughterhouse only when they are no longer interesting for the show.


This form of animal entertainment is a redoubt of Spain. However, the tradition that surrounds it continues to serve as an excuse for administrations to maintain it.


  • Risk of death: Over the years there have been several cases of bulls drowning during this celebration. Sometimes they have been unable to get rid of clothes, ropes, and other elements with which the participants harass them, and that have prevented them from swimming, or have died in the water due to a heart attack.
  • Breaks and injuries: They can suffer dislocations in the neck both from shaking their heads and being dragged by the ropes. They can also suffer injuries when tripping on the pavement or caused by blows when falling into the water.
  • Irritated eyes: Saltwater causes painful irritation to their eyes, temporarily blinding them and increasing their stress level and disorientation.
  • Psychological suffering: Although it may seem that bulls are strong and brave animals, the truth is that they are rather ruminant bovids especially excitable, temperamental and nervous, and show feelings of panic if they are separated from their social group. Add to this the anguish of suddenly finding themselves in the water, being tied by ropes and amidst the shouts and applause of the crowd, we can assure that this modality causes enormous psychological suffering to the bulls.